Deepak Bajracharya

Maya Ko Dori Medley English

Deepak Bajracharya

Wanna have a dance with you
Wanna make a love with you
On your feel I want you to shake your body Ju Ju Na Na
Feel it like full moon, Hum it on my tune
On your mood I want you to like the party Ju Ju Na Na

Waited for long time, Want you to hold my hand
Waited for your mood, Come down to the dance floor with me

Kali Kali
Beauty and black charming lady
Love you and need you oh baby
Waited for long like a crazy
Let's have some fun time oh baby

Give me a chance to show you
How much I care and I love you
What can I do for you just tell me
What should I do to make you love me
Ow Amira 
All my life, just for you
All my love, remains for you
I want you to be a part of my life, Ow Amira  
Wanna hold you deep, within my soul
Wanna hold you tight, without control. 
My intent to make you feel happy, Ow Amira
You are the only my dream,
The one I have dreamed all my life, Ow Amira

Ow Amira love you forever and ever
Need you forever and ever
And we’ll be always together
Ow Amira lets have love plantation
Like to love your imagination
Let make everlasting relation